Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Tattoo Designs- Dragon Tattoo's & Japanese Tattoo's - Tattoo Pictures

What is it when it comes to getting tattoo's that some folks just can not get enough of? Is it the self expression? Is it the feeling of being a bad mo' fo? Or do some folks just like pain?

I will tell you why I think some folks get tattoo's. It is a combination of all of the above. Some people like to get a tattoo because of the feeling of letting out their emotions. Tattoo's can give you a great release of emotion after a family members death some folks will get "In Memory Of" tattoo's.

Tattoo's such as Dragons and Japanese Tattoo's give some people the feeling of power and strength, others it is apart of their heritage. So no matter what when the first tattoo known to be put in the skins pigment was over 5000 years ago that tattoo meant something to that person.

Tattoo designs range from crosses to monkeys and asses. So now matter what the meaning of the tattoo design just make sure that you give your tattoo artist a clear meaning of what you are trying to achieve from your tattoo.

Ask the tattoo artist questions about where they think the best place for you to place the tattoo. Ask the artist how long they have been doing tattoo's and make sure that you bring plenty of magazine clippings, drawings and your ideas so you can give the tattoo artist a clear feel of what kind of tattoo that you are wanting.

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