Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cat Tattoos

Choosing Cat Tattoos Designs

cat tattoosCat Tattoos come in a number of popular varieties. One type of design is the "cartoon" style image. It usually will have some other kind of play or mischievous theme - which is often seen in the eyes, or facial expressions of a cat design.

cat tattoosAnother design shows "snapshots" of types of pictures of cats, which usually will resemble a pencil drawing. Not many colors used, as an outline and shade are often black and gray. Although the eyes are often filled with bright colors, because this is a very peculiar aspect of cat tattoo.

hello kitty tattoosA-line silhouette of a cat, often filled with black - and has a white space the eye - is also common to have tattoos cat. It can be placed on a knife-shoulder to find a tattoo seductive, feminine, and who can create a lot of mysterious intrigue. For sweet cat tattoo, you can choose to have a "hello kitty" type design, or possibly a small kitten image. This cute tattoos often set the scene of a cat chasing a butterfly, which creates opportunities for other graphics to be placed into your design.

Cherry Tattoos

Cherry Tattoo for Woman

cherry tattoosCherry Tattoos are very popular among women, especially as a symbol that can express femininity and sexuality. They usually can be seen in sections of the body such as the lower hips, lower back, shoulder blades, breast and even in the groin area.

cherry tattooCherries seen as objects of lust, fertility and desire. The cherry, deep red-ripe is a woman's fertility and her feminine ways. It is a symbol of purity when it was still depending on the branch. Cherry is also a slang term for a virgin, which can be another symbolic meaning associated with tat. Type of cherry design you choose can also change the symbolism.

cherry tattoosBut how you choose to have it inked, both fantastic and sweet, old school or tense, there are design choices are countless to choose from. You are not limited to this variation is mentioned, they are only the most common style and what they represent. Women choose cherry tattoo not only because of their personal meaning, but also for their flexibility in size and capability that will occur almost anywhere on the body.