Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cat Tattoos

Choosing Cat Tattoos Designs

cat tattoosCat Tattoos come in a number of popular varieties. One type of design is the "cartoon" style image. It usually will have some other kind of play or mischievous theme - which is often seen in the eyes, or facial expressions of a cat design.

cat tattoosAnother design shows "snapshots" of types of pictures of cats, which usually will resemble a pencil drawing. Not many colors used, as an outline and shade are often black and gray. Although the eyes are often filled with bright colors, because this is a very peculiar aspect of cat tattoo.

hello kitty tattoosA-line silhouette of a cat, often filled with black - and has a white space the eye - is also common to have tattoos cat. It can be placed on a knife-shoulder to find a tattoo seductive, feminine, and who can create a lot of mysterious intrigue. For sweet cat tattoo, you can choose to have a "hello kitty" type design, or possibly a small kitten image. This cute tattoos often set the scene of a cat chasing a butterfly, which creates opportunities for other graphics to be placed into your design.

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