Thursday, March 25, 2010

Scar Removal

Tattoo Removal Scarring

Tips to Reduce the Risk of Ink Removal Scarring

scar removal

Tattoo removal scarring - the mere mention of it turns off many would be patients off to the idea of getting rid of their unwanted ink. Much depends on the age, location, and depth of the original artwork, the quality and material composition of the ink used, and the method of ink extraction.

Ink Depth Is a Significant Factor

Face it, the deeper into the skin ink has been injected, the deeper and more invasive the procedure to remove ink will have to be in order to be successful.

Prior Pre-Treatment Can Reduce Risks of Tattoo Removal Scarringscar removal

Topical over the counter treatments, when used in combination with invasive methods such as rejuvi (something like an anti-tattoo paste) or lasers (skin burning) have proven effective at reducing the likelihood of tattoo removal scarring in patients who used topical cremes prior to engaging in surgery. Tattoo removal scarring is a high risk for patients choosing to have a piece removed on fresh ink.

Executive Summary by Ginger Rush

Other guide on Tattoo Laser Removal

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