Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Celtic Cross

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If you're from the land of Scotland, or Ireland, then you will want to show your Celtic pride with Celtic cross tattoos. With some celebrities sporting their tattoos are just making this tattoo popularity that much more interesting.

Celtic cross tattoo design itself makes it very attractive when it comes to people getting tattoos for their bodies. Many people will try to revive the design with a cross or some kind of cross, but the simple design makes this a very unique tattoo.

Another thing you might see as a design for Celtic cross tattoos are a series of knots around the true cross. In the past the majority of people who have used this tattoo was a boy. The trend among women is for them to wear this tattoo on their lower backs as a way to bring a sense of sexiness this tattoo.

What is a tattoo of a little surprising. Since originally pagan Celtic Celtic cross tattoos is something that initially did not have anything to do with Christianity. It is with this that the Celtic cross design started is associated with faith and as a result to be symbols for someone to express their faith with pride.

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