Sunday, April 18, 2010

Nautical Star Tattoos

Nautical Star Tattoos - Why is Important for the Sailors?nautical star tattoos

Since time immemorial, stars have been popular among many tattoo designs used by each gender. Nautical star tattoo design is one that you can show off on your skin. In general, a starfish tattoo was first used by sailors.

But as the years passed the star tattoo is connected to the military associations, community of punk rock stars, lesbians, and even anti-racist movement.

The significance of Tattoos

Nautical star tattoos have great meaning for the sailors because they believed that the stars always guide and protect them with their trip.

Nautical Design Range

With the development and innovation and the significance of time variation of the sea star tattoos become more widespread. Basic design of sea stars have five points, indicating the four cardinal directions and one-way between.

Choose Your Design

Before inscribing nautical star tattoos on your body, you should let the tattoo artist to draw the first in the initial design. Likewise, you can also buy the book so you can get a tattoo design that you can choose.

Executive summary about Nautical Star Tattoos by Patricia F. Morris

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